A Drop Attains Bliss

A Drop Attains Bliss

M. Shahid Alam  Critical Muslim Oct-Dec 2013

عشرتِ قطرہ ہے دریا میں فنا ہو جانا
درد کا حد سے گزرنا ہے دوا ہو جانا

A drop attains bliss dying in the sea.
In surfeit, pain becomes remedy.

After years I played all the right keys.
In a twist, fate changed the melody.

No one masters his soul without this.
Not favors: her sword sets us free.

In frailty, my tears turn to sigh
In rising vapors, water seeks levity.

I cannot cleave flesh from my bone.
I am your touch, you dream inside me.

A cloudburst takes us to clear skies.
After tears, lovers attain felicity.

Ghalib, the rose spurs to discovery.
All colors unfurl pathways to beauty.


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