Love Carps

Love Carps

M. Shahid Alam Blackbird, Fall 2014

گلہ ہے شوق کو دل میں بھی تنگیِ جا کا
گہر میں محو ہوا اضطراب دریا کا

Inside the heart, love carps it lacks space.
Inside a pearl, the raging sea is free.

Answering letters cramps your style.
Once every day, I have to write my story.

Autumn arrives on henna-tinted feet.
Night agony succeeds a splash of glory.

I could not scale the peaks of light.
The old pointers never worked for me.

Skipping the play, I let her collar me.
I played it safe: this love is haggle-free.

My tears are only tokens of my grief.
I hold back a flood wide as the sea.

In the sun’s glare, I often think of her.
On sunny days, she has no time for pity.


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