Only A Few

Only A Few

M. Shahid Alam — Prairie Schooner — Spring 2011

سب کہاں کچھ لالہ و گل میں نمایاں ہو گئیں
خاک میں کیا صورتیں ہونگی کہ پنہاں ہو گئیں

Not all, only a few come back to us in tulips.
Many more lie buried, dust on their sleeping eyelids.

All day, the Seven Sisters stay veiled, out of sight.
What is it that makes them part their veils at night? Read more

We Stopped There Once

We Stopped There Once

M. Shahid Alam Raritan Fall 2015

ستائش گر ہے زاہد اس قدر جس باغ رضوان کا
وہ اک گلدستہ ہے ہم بیخودوں کے طاق نسیاں کا

Unctuously, the preachers hype paradise.
We stopped there once but did not stay.

Her angry lashes draw blood. In pity,
Afterwards, she strings them into beads. Read more

Crossing Limits

Crossing Limits

M. Shahid Alam  Circumference  April 2014

سراپا رہن عشق و ناگزیر الفت ہستی
عبادت برق کی کرتا ہوں اور افسوس حاصل کا

Love-crazed yet craving life. I worship fire
But recant when lightning finds me out.

If your ships carry wine, my shores are dry.
My thirst is primordial, Saqi try me out.